LEGACY OF LOVE: Alzheimer's Program

Dementia is a terminal illness caused by damage to brain cells which can lead to problems with thinking, memory and behavior. The most well-known cause of dementia is Alzheimer's disease. Our Alzheimer's Program promotes relaxation and self-expression, stimulates the mind and encourages a sense of well-being through:

Aromatherapy: Therapeutic-grade essential oils are used to benefit the mind, body and spirit

Hand & Foot Massage: Massage techniques provide a physically and emotionally calming experience and evoke a relaxation response

Multi-Sensory Therapy: Light, sound, smell, color and touch gently stimulate the primary senses and increase attentiveness to the environment

Creative Expressions: A variety of art activities are used to facilitate expression and reduce stress in those who are nonverbal or have difficulty communicating


Our mission is to assist physicians in identifying Heart Failure patients that may benefit from All Saints Hospice Take Heart! Cardiac Program.


Our Registered Nurse Case Managers are guided by an American Board Certified Cardiovascular and Internal Medicine Physician who is the three time recipient of the "Best Doctors of America" award. All Saints Hospice vows to provide the highest level of palliative control and medical management, through our Nurse Practitioners, to aid in rapid relief of discomfort while maintaining quality, dignity, and peace to our patients with advanced cardiovascular disease.

Our Take Heart! Cardiac Program identifies those:

• Patient who would benefit from long-term palliative IV inotropic infusion (Primacor, Dopamine, Dobutamine)

• Recurrent hospitalizations/ER visits in the last 6-12 months for cardiac related problems.

• Patients who are no longer candidates for Invasive procedures and/or on medical management only

• NYHA class IV Heart Failure

• Ejection Fraction of <20%

• Intolerance to ACE/ABR medications due to renal insufficiency or hypotension

• Optimal medical management with digoxin, vasoactive drugs or diuretics

• Declining lab values over last 3-6 months

• Poor appetite with weight loss or weight gain from disease progression

• Documented syncope, treatment resistant arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, stroke, multiple cormorbidities