Hospice was a scary term for me and when we were told that my dad was going home to be cared for by hospice, the instinctive feeling was grim. However, walking through this experience with All Saints Hospice has permanently changed my perception. I now view hospice as more of a necessity, but also as a concierge service.

I had never truly understood hospice. I assumed, incorrectly, that it was for end of life. It’s for maintaining life, as long as possible. All Saints Hospice did not mean giving up. They were my partners, going through a terrible time with me and my family. They knew what was happening and were able to help prepare me for what was ahead of us.

I felt like we were all being rescued and I give God the glory for that first. He obviously ordained our steps that led us to All Saints Hospice; choosing All Saints Hospice did not mean giving up.

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Tribute of Life Foundation module

Comfort and peace on the end of life’s journey

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Facing the end of life can be hard. Facing it alone, in the absence of family, friends, financial resources and qualified caregivers, is even harder.

The Tribute of Life Foundation believes that everyone deserves to complete their journey in a warm, clean bed, surrounded by people who care deeply about meeting their medical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Through our 'No One is Alone' initiative, we are committed to funding two beds in the Comfort Care Center for people who could not afford it otherwise.

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