Tribute of Life Foundation

“Dedicated to comfort and peace on the end of life’s journey”

The Tribute of Life Foundation is a non-profit charity that partners with All Saints Hospice, Spring Valley Hospice, and Hospice Home Care to enhance the lives of patients and families, and educate the communities we serve about End of Life choices.

The foundation also seeks to provide funding for the extra support that hospice patients and their families may need during this complicated time, to pay tribute to those lost, and to provide support for those left behind.

Three ways Tribute of Life does this is through an advanced planning tool called ‘Five Wishes’, a program called ‘Best Day Ever’ that provides patients with an opportunity to finally do something they’ve always wanted to do, and the ‘No One Is Alone’ initiative that cares for hospice-eligible patients who struggle at the end of their journey because they are alone, homeless and without anyone to care.

Please select one of the buttons below to learn more about the foundation or to partner with Tribute of Life in funding efforts. Every gift comes with the opportunity to honor a special person who has touched your life and have that tribute acknowledged in a caring and meaningful way.

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